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Practice Area: DUI

At Michael D. Barber & Associates, we have knowledge regarding both sides of DUI case law. Our training as prosecutors and DUI attorneys helps us interpret what the other side is considering and thinking in regards to a client’s case.

We know both sides of DUI case law

Our attorney’s have trained with the Georgia Public Safety and Training Center (GPSTC), the same training center where State Troopers receive their training and where all police officers supplement their training. We know what goes into building a DUI case from the police and State Troopers perspective.

Michael has been a guest instructor at DUI courses for both the Georgia Public Safety and Training Center and county locations. He also had the opportunity to design and teach a class at the Atlanta Police Department Training Center, and assisted in redesigning the current DUI court system with the City of Atlanta Municipal Court.

DUI and drug-related cases require a thorough analysis of the situation. Call our office for a free consultation to find out how we can put one of our DUI Attorney’s to work for you.

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